virtual reality

Something real in a virtual world

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of virtual worlds significantly predates the advent of computers. The Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder, expressed an interest in perceptual illusion. In the twentieth century, the cinematographer Morton Heilig explored the creation of what became […]

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Website Update

Website Feedback

We spend a lot of time keeping our website up to date and interesting for our clients. This blog, for example, is a key way in which we like to communicate with our customers, both existing and potential.  We also […]

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Autumn Term 2017

This week, all over the UK parents are getting their children ready for the new school year.  Some, like my daughter, will be starting their very first day at school going into Reception. Others may be facing a year of […]

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Jewel case

Standard CD Packaging

At Recordings 4 Schools we pride ourself on producing CD’s to ‘retail quality’ as it says at various points across our website. However, recently it occurred to us that we have never properly defined what is meant by ‘retail quality’. […]

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