Clapping during Songs

Recording in Primary Schools is great fun. Not just for the pupils and teachers (although that is a key part of the experience with Recordings 4 Schools.  But actually it’s also lots of fun for our recording engineers.  Yes there […]

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Setting up

Meet and Greet

When we are recording in schools, our engineers always tend to arrive at 07.30.  This seems a reasonable time to arrive on the basis that most schools start to open up around then, but more importantly it gives us an […]

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Keeping up with Technology

It’s fairly safe to say that pretty much any business today needs to keep up with the constant advances in technology.  Whether you are equipping a field sales team with tablets and mobile phones or in charge of a fleet […]

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Music Classroom

Why teach music in Schools?

Almost everything in education nowadays is judged by results, explained league tables and qualified by Ofsted reports. Amongst this music is, to an extent, becoming the weakest link. Not seen as a ‘proper’ academic subject it becomes marginalised and left to one […]

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